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Contact Details :
Julia Smith
The Willows,
9 Nethergate,
Doncaster DN9 2DR.

Tel 01427 754748
Mobile 07949088695
e mail me here
E-mail me HERE


I would welcome any testimonials from any of my previous customers.

Simply e-mail them to me at the address on the left.



Last updated May 2013

Hi Julia

A few pics for your gallery and a testimonail:

We bought Milo from Julia in April 2011. He is a fantastic boy with a great, friendly, personality. He has got the perfect temperament for family life and is very friendly with other dogs making him a pleasure to take on walks as he can be let off the lead to play in safe areas. He is a very healthy boy and has needed no vet treatment other than regular worming/flea treatments etc and I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Contontastic Coton's if you are looking for a healthy, happy, balanced, well socialised dog.

Corrie Foster, Leeds

milo milo milo milo milo

Hi Julia

Here are some pictures of Millie, she will be coming up to a year old very soon, the time has flown by!!!

Millie is just so lovely and a special little dog , she is such a friendly little thing and loves being fussed over, playing and she is also very affectionate and adored by all.

Thank you as she is Olivia's best present and mine!!!, we always wanted a bigger family , she is not just our little girls best friend but ours too.

Emma Helliwell

millie millie millie

Hi Julia

As promised – we just cant thank you enough – she is truly amazing – only problem is I need a camera surgically attached to capture every moment! Smile

WOW WOW WOW – This is what we thought when we first discovered this little dog.

Then followed 6 months worth of research before we contacted Julia – from the moment we got in touch Julia has been brill, we told her about our young family and asked if she would consider us for one of her puppies, then when we were offered a puppy we had fortnightly updates and were invited to visit when ever we wanted – although distance didn’t allow so the photos kept us going, as did all the information on grooming, brushes, shampoo and the websites of where to get everything from.

What we weren’t prepared for despite everything we had read was just how amazing Saffy actually would be – she is a delight and has fitted straight into family life, Saffy is not fazed by anything and takes everything in her stride, she is such a well rounded puppy.

She has surpassed all our expectations and we just cant stop raving about her to anyone and everyone we meet Smile

Thank you so much Julia

Jacqui, Nigel, family and Saffy x


Alfie is the perfect little dog for me. He is a small dog packed full of character, He settled in straight away and my old cocker spainel loves him. They now play together and love to go on walks. Alfie was practically house trained when I got him and from day one he sleeps right through the night down by the side of my bed on his own pillow! Alfie rarely barks unless he is playing.

I take Alfie to work with me, he is welcome in most shops in town, his favourite shop is the pet shop where he goes to visit his friends, Casper (Golden Retriever) Tango (Dashhound) and Cookie. Alfie is great with other dogs and just perfect with children. Alfie is very easy to train I have no problem with getting him to sit and come back, he enjoys a good game of fetch! When I first got Alfie I thought he would be a struggle to keep clean but after his daily brush and play in the water bowl he stays surprisingly white.

Everybody loves Alfie he is such a good boy, from the moment he wakes up, he puts a smile on my face. I am taking him to the seaside in May and can not wait to see what he thinks of the sea and sand! Julia was a big help advising on choosing and looking after Alfie and was very kind to email lots of photos of the puppies and to invite me to see them especially so close to Christmas time.

Many Thanks Kim


Dear Julia,

We owe you a huge thank-you for giving us such a beautiful & nice natured little dog. Bailey is still as sweet & cheeky as ever, and I still remember the first time we came to meet him. We spent such a long time looking for the perfect dog, and we were so glad when we stumbled across your website. What we found so incredible was that we could tell instantly that you wern't just a dog breeder; you were someone with a genuine love for this breed who loved every single one of your dogs as pets & little fury members of the family. You were so helpful, and answered all of our questions: just fantastic. It was such a nice touch to get regular updates about Bailey when he was a new pup and still too young to leave Princess. I remember you also asked us if we had a picked a name for him yet, so that you could refer to him as 'Bailey' and get him familiar with the sound of his name.

Bailey is now nearly 9 months old, and still as fab as ever. He is a little star with our cats, and just loves them to bits; if he's lucky he occassionally gets the odd wash and friendly nudge and i know they love having him around as much as we do. He is very much a member of our family and even has his 'grandma' and 'grandad' look after him whilst we work.

Once again Julia, thank-you for your help, expertise & genuine friendship; I'm sure it won't be too long before we come visiting again to get a playmate for Bailey!

Best wishes as always,
Alison & Andy


Our Story is much the same as anybody else's involved with Coton's. We were looking for the perfect companion to join our family. I spent weeks trawling the internet researching different breeds and then ...."WOW" we came across the Coton de Tulear. I have never seen such gorgeous looking dogs. And I still feel the same way. I've always loved Old English Sheepdogs but never liked the idea of a big dog. But Coton's remind me so much of them, only much smaller..... (perfect).

We came across your website Julia, and to our great excitement you had a little girl available. I remember that Boo looked so beautiful we had to ask you for more pics as we couldn't believe that, that gorgeous ball of fluff was going to be ours. We counted down the days like it was Christmas until we picked her up.

You were so helpful advising us on grooming, toilet training,feeding... etc. You also took a brand new towel out of it's wrapper, rubbed it over Boo's mother, for her scent and gave it to Boo to sleep with. That was a really nice thought. Boo's been with us for a year now and is adored by everyone, family and friends alike. So to anyone considering a coton de Tulear as a pet I say you couldn't have a better companion, Loving...Loyal....funny and clever. Only be prepared because you'll probably end up wanting more than just one.

Thankyou so much Julia,

Julie & pete,

Hello Julia

We had done lots of research before coming across the Coton, and it sounded the perfect breed.....and it is! Molly is such a fab fluff ball, full of energy, personality, intelligent and loves EVERYONE!! Julia was great when we first spoke to her and was really informative, and has continued to be helpful with any questions we've had since bringing Molly home.

They are gorgeous dogs in looks and personality, the only down side is that it takes twice as long to go for a walk as everyone wants to stop and stroke them!! We have been so happy with Molly and impressed with Julia, that we went back and got a playmate for Molly a few months ago!!!! So we now have 2 fluff balls....Molly and Milly. Milly is an absolute dream and has fitted in so well and so quickly, and Molly loves having her around.

Thank you Julia!

Milly and Molly Milly and Molly

Hey Julia

Thank you for the photo's of Wee Alfie's dad, he looked amazing all groomed up for his show. Glad to hear he did so well, how proud you must have been.

Wee Alfie has settled in fine, loves all the kids I look after and is so gentle with them. We have had very little in the way of accidents and had dry nights since he came home. He cried the first couple of nights so we had him in our bedroom, after reading internet advice we purchased a large crate and put this under our kitchen table with his bed, blanket etc and to our amazement he loves having his OWN space.

He retires there when he has had enough of the kids. We just leave the door open, He sleeps there at nights from eleven through until seven with no accidents.

He is becoming quite the bold hero though and had a stand off with a huge overweight Rottweiller while on a trip to the vet !! Lucky for Alfie the rottweiller was a big woos!!

Will keep you updated of his progress and have included a couple of photos. We have had his hair trimmed around his eyes since these were taken.

Speak Soon

alfie alfie alfie alfie alfie


When we were looking for a dog (having never had one before) I did a search on the internet to find the perfect dog.

This was my criteria when looking.

* Small
* Cute
* Friendly
* Gentle
* Affectionate
* Friendly with other dogs
* Good with children
* Intelligent
* Easy to train
* Likes a walk but is happy with minimal exercise
* No doggy odour
* No shedding of hair
* Allergy free
* Does not bark (for no reason)

I was struggling to find a dog that matched all my criteria then I came upon the Coton de Tulear and I was captivated.

We had Buzby last March 07 and has been an absolute sweetheart. He is adorable, sweet and the cutest thing ever. We are continually stopped by people who ask us what kind of dog he is and tell us he is the cutest dog they have ever seen. I have to say we think he is the perfect dog.

Here are some pictures of Buz at different stages

Buz Buz Buz Buz Buz

Dear Julia

This is just a HUGE thank you for all your expertise and help in choosing our puppy. We did a lot of research in the Cotton's and then once we found what sort of dog we thought was going to fit into our family we then found you. You were very professional in helping us complete our decision and with all the emails and photos you provided we finally found our "cinderella".

Cindy is a beautiful pup and you explained all the do's and don'ts that we needed to no about how to care and look after a cotton. She has been a fantastic addition to our family and we could not imagine life without her. We just spent our first christmas with her and she is an angel. She was spoilt rotten with gifts and not just from us. Everyone comments on her and with her relaxed temeriment and loving nature she is most defiantly one of the family now.

Once again thank you so so much for all your help before during and after we got her from you. We are now considering a play mate for her and may be in touch again soon.

The Moulton Family

Cindy Cindy

Dear Julia,

Our darling little Bella is an angel - we know she was meant for us. Very smart and the sweetest of natures. Everyone adores her. Our grandson Gabriel who is 2 1/2 does, too, and she is very tolerant of him and gets very excited when we visit him. My sister and her family are here for Christmas and they think she is the nicest puppy with the most wonderful personality. In fact, everyone we meet says that.

Bella is intelligent and has been easy to housetrain. The occasional accident if we are not paying attention, and she was been clean in her little house all night after two weeks.

Michael and I think she was meant for us - thanks so much for this wonderful little dog! And please thank Kayleigh for the loving help she gave you!

All the best for 2008!
Warmest regards, and love,
Janet and Michael Rant

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